Pet Star

PetStar Profile

Pet Star is a project that ensures the sustainability of PET packaging within the Coca-Cola Mexico system, it came from the combined efforts of Coca-Cola and its bottling partners in Mexico such as: Arca Continental, Bepensa, Corporación del Fuerte, Corporación Rica, Embotelladoras del Nayar and Embotelladora de Colima who acquired the company back in October 2011 and then thanks to an expansion that took place in late 2013 and its technology, is no able to recycle 65,000 tons of PET per year; the equivalent of 3,100 million bottles in order to transform them in a clean and efficient manner into high-quality food-grade packaging.

In June 2013 PetStar was named the world’s largest food-grade PET recycling plant, as valued by “PCI PET Packaging Resin and Recycling, Ltd.”. Due to its size and design, it is also considered one of the best plants around the world to have a comprehensive process that goes from bottle collection to its incorporation into a new packaging with the highest values of recycled content.

Through this and other efforts, today millions of PET bottles used by the Coca-Cola Mexico system are made up by 100% recycled materials, while the pickers and gatherers have new ways to dignify their activity and to grow.

Each stage of PetStar is designed to ensure the safety of the end product, and its quality is constantly monitored by an on-site laboratory under the strictest international standards.


Because we believe in the need to change the course in order to preserve the environment for the benefit of future generations, we strive to consistently be an excellence benchmark worldwide, to implement innovative solutions that will generate sustainable PET, as well as to collect and recycle resin to efficiently produce food grade quality packaging.


In PetStar, we are oriented towards success, results, sustainable development and ethics, all of our actions are guided by a body of principles and values ​​that comprise the essence of our corporate culture.

Congruence shown through consistent behaviors and convictions, accompanied by our principles and values.

Proper execution of the agreed tasks through the thought and assessment of the consequences of those acts.

Impeccable management of company resources, information and personnel.

Proactive personnel and available equipment in order to identify, assess and provide timely, effective, and friendly responses to the requests and concerns of both internal and external customers.

Obtaining credibility through the constant fulfillment of commitments in a spotless fashion.

Acceptance of opinions, characteristics and lifestyles of others, without prejudice or discrimination.

Executing all tasks by placing our integrity and that of our colleagues and visitors first.

PetStar is committed to generate and maintain a culture of prevention regarding safety and health at work, committed to ensure the integrity of all who work with us, including suppliers, contractors and visitors.

Mission 2015

  • To provide our customers with a high-quality proper-volume resin, that will allow them to rank among the bottling companies with the highest percentage of recycled content in PET packaging within the Coca-Cola system around the world.
  • To be a people-based team driven by exemplary leaders who understand and live our organizational values ​​in each and every action taken daily.
  • To have the human talent, cutting-edge technological resources and the efficiency that constitute our competitive advantage.
  • To provide our employees, suppliers, visitors and contractors a clean and safe environment.
  • To meet the financial expectations of our shareholders in a cost-effective alternative to grow and expand PET packaging sustainability.
  • To make our suppliers, highly reliable and long-term strategic partners and to exercise a high social impact by providing certainty to the country picker and gatherer sector.
  • To consistently strive to become the benchmark for excellence through constant innovations made inside our company.
  • To foster environmental culture, to share responsibility within the industry, authorities and society in general.