RICA Corporation

We are a leading Bottling Group that has managed to reach out to people, respecting their ideologies while creating a unique language that comes from a single word: Coca-Cola.

We cover the territory of the State of Hidalgo, Morelos and a small part of Puebla.

To supply the market we have 15 modern-building distribution centers located in the following cities: Pachuca, Tizayuca, Zacualtipán (with 3 mini-warehouses) Sahagun, Huauchinango, Tulancingo, Tula, Actopan, Ixmiquilpan, Progreso, Jojutla, Axochiapan and Cuautla, thus providing services to thousands of retailers.

Thanks to all of this EMBOTELLADORA DAISIES, SA LTD, has established itself as a company that has responded properly to market demands, quality, modernization and social commitment, all while contributing to Mexico’s enhancement.

As a consequence of specialization, we can now measure the growth in sales per product and per channel, the strategy of channel creation arose from the constant changes in the market caused by the habits of both retailers and consumers, as well as by the emergence of many substitute products. The company understands that the only way to continue to increase beverage consumption (in addition to positive reinforcement towards consumers), was to meet the needs of fluid intake in different presentations, as it is not same strategy you would have for people who work in an office in comparison to people working at a soup kitchen, this is precisely why we need to research the main consumption channels, it was the call of the expert staff to create new strategies that will cover new market segments as they appear.